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El Coyote y La Flamenco en Espanol? Actually, Flamenco is a masculine noun, 
 requiring an "el" according to my paperback Spanish dictionary, but what 
the  hell. Sounds good to me.
Bob  "Trekker"
Big Bend Desert Denizen, and...
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I dropped dillon from WA state off at the Mexican  border this morning - 
he's heading north to our place - while driving  north I saw a group walking 
down a side road and figured it had to be the 5  geezers (their words) load, 
loon, T2, sawbuck, and TN rebel heading  towards the borderline cooperative 
- I met them at the co-op while they shed  their packs and climbed under the 
only shade trees for miles - when I left  there at 3 pm the temperature was 
102 - they planned on staying there until  dusk and then doing another 10 
miles at night - it's a full moon so they  should have no problem doing that
my wife and I have been thinking about taking on  trail names - the other 
night in talking with someone they said that I was a  "coyote" (in Mexico 
that's the name given to the people that are paid to get  the Mexicans across 
the border) in reverse - I get paid to take people to the  border then they 
hike north just like the illegals  - I may be taking on  the name of el 
coyote and mary will be "flamingo" since she has so many of  those darn plastic 
critters stuck in our yard  
keith el coyote
mary flamingo
deming, NM

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