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Thanks Garret for the maps. We hope to make use of them if we make it north to Wyoming! I like the look of the alternate and your maps look much more detailed than the BLM ones I have.
We, Brian and Martina , are now in Reserve NM with Ted and Richard. Its very hot and dry out there at the moment and we are finding that the conditions are drier than reported in the Jim Wolf guidebook so we have to be careful to tank up with water when we find it. 
We have really enjoyed the Columbus-Emory Pass-Mimbres-Lower Gila-Middle Fork Jim Wolf route with lots of variety and adventure. 
Some conditions in NM south of Hw12 to Reserve:
1. We had a great night on the summit of Wagontongue Mt but the spring just north of there (south of Hw12, the road to Reserve/Aragon) was dry. 
There is a forest burn north of the mountain which makes for tough going but its short- maybe 400meters
2. I haven't got my maps with me but the spring south of that (described by Jon Ley as by a cabin covered by an iron plate at the south end of the purple 4.9m variant) was stinky and unpallatable. We took water from the cow pond just to the north by filtering, then adding iodine then boiling! No cow signs were evident which was good. 
3.On a positive note, Cox Canyon water was good.
4.Snow Lake provides a good water faucet.
5. We did the Gila Lower and Middle Forks and had a great time. The Lower is fine to hike but just takes a bit longer than normal. Count on maybe 1-1.5 mph through the 15 miles of river.

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Just in case anyone's curious, I finally made downloadable maps for a large uncommon cutoff I took southbound in '07. I call it the "Butte Super Cutoff," and as the name implies, it cuts off a lot of miles by going directly from Butte to Yellowstone, which can be neat because then you can see a lot more of Yellowstone than the official route (or increase the odds of getting through the San Juans before snow).  I'd advise against following it exactly since making up stuff is most of the fun, but it's out there in case anyone wants to take a look.
the link:

happy trails,
the onion  

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