[Cdt-l] Hitching From Chama and Cumbres Pass

Melanie Simmerman jennylind50 at yahoo.com
Tue May 19 10:21:08 CDT 2009

Last year I had quite a time hitching out of Chama, but did eventually get a ride. Just takes persistence. There are trail angels in Chama, check out the photography studio -- Josh and Laura Ryan. According to Laura, the market is open again. There is a great cafe there near the end of town on the way to Cumbres Pass.  I can't remember the name now, Marias? something like that. Great Coffee and the Breakfasts looked terrific.

while I was on the bus from Sante Fe to Alamosa, CO the other day, we passed the scenic rail stop in Antonito and it appears the train is not yet running until later in May (the 28th I believe it said), so may not be an option for anyone who thought they could use the train for getting towards Alamosa. Only if you get to Chama after the 28th.


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