[Cdt-l] hitching in Chama

Josh and Laura Ryan joshandlauraryan at yahoo.com
Tue May 19 17:53:57 CDT 2009

Hi Melanie,Sorry we missed you last year.  A lot of people in Chama don't really know about the trail and don't know a hiker when they see one.  Not too many people hitch hike up that road.  The grocery store is indeed open, it should be pretty easy to resupply out of there.  The cafe you mentioned is called Carlatte's, and I'd second the reccomendation for either breakfast or lunch.  There's also a pretty nice place to stay right next door called the Chama Station Inn.  Both are 2 blocks away from the post office and the library for internet if you need it.  The train opens on the 23rd which is this coming Saturday, so only a few days from now instead of a whole week or more.  Good luck to everyone.  Best, Laura Ryan

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