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As the CDNST begins to establish itself in the Bootheel of NM it will
eventually become more well known. As we all know, there are issues in
this part of the country that have local citizens concerned about their
safety, and justifiably so. Even though CDNST users have every right to
be on the trail, please continue to be respectful to the current
situation and understanding to those who may question your intentions of
being there. The thought of traveling from Mexico to Canada on foot or
horseback will still seem strange to some.


In an effort to become better neighbors, on Saturday, November 14th the
CDTA will hosting a BBQ lunch near Hachita, NM in celebration of the
Trail and have invited a lot of the local ranchers and citizens to join
us. As CDTA continues to regionalize our staff we hope that these
relationships will continue to strengthen as support for the Trail
grows. You're all welcome to come out and join this historic
celebration. The new Southernmost CDNST Monument will be unveiled. Give
me a call or email for more details. Hope you can join us! 


The BLM offered the following comments pertaining to legalities in this

1 - The CDNST is the official route that BLM has defined for the trail
and includes the purchase (by BLM) of trail easement from NM State Land
Office (NMSLO) of those segments of the trail that cross their land.
This official trail designation does not cross private land (on
purpose), throughout the Las Cruces District Office section of the


2 - Public land is generally available for dispersed recreational use
(unless specifically closed for some reason), and even though grazing
operators have a permit or lease from BLM to graze their livestock, they
have no authority to manage the public's use or curtail their
activities, as long as the hikers are not harassing livestock or
otherwise interfering with the grazing operation (tampering with
livestock facilities, etc.).


3- Most livestock operators who have NMSLO land within their ranch,
likely have a grazing lease from NMSLO.  This lease is different than
the BLM grazing lease.  In addition, the NMSLO requires a recreation
permit for anyone to come onto NMSLO lands for general recreation.


4 - As you know, BLM only encourages the use of the officially
designated and signed CDNST, but dispersed recreation use of public
lands in other areas are a welcome use, as long as they respect the land
and the other authorized users of that land.  If someone who is using
public land is confronted by a grazing permittee and feels that they're
being harassed, they should contact us directly with particulars and as
soon as possible, so that we can investigate and pursue any unlawful


BLM Las Cruces District Office - 1800 Marquess Las Cruces, New Mexico
88005 Tel. 575-525-4300 


Bob Woods

Your NM Regional Representative

Continental Divide Trail Alliance

PO Box 1353

Mesilla, NM 88046

Phone: (505) 206-6882

bob at cdtrail.org


The Trail Unites Us
Donate. Support. Volunteer.
Visit www.cdtrail.org <http://www.cdtrail.org/>  and get involved.





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How about sending this issue to the CDTA? I believe the general question
is: Do CDT hikers still have hiking access to public lands that the BLM
is leasing to ranchers in NM and elsewhere? 

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Legal question for all'a y'all:

    Is a BLM grazing lease similar to an apartment lease? If you lease
an apartment, you have control and protections, against warrantless
searches, trespass, etc. Is a BLM lease of public land only for grazing,
but not control, against us hiker trash trespass, on the land not a
public road? I understand that public roads are public; we have public
roads through ranches here in Big Bend, but many ranchers gave up public
maintenance to lock the gate at the highway. Keith, your email implies
no trespass control. Do you or anyone have any legal input, just for the
knowledge of it?  


Bob "Trekker"
Big Bend Desert Denizen, and...
Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas 


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	I'd like to add my 2 cents worth to jonathan's and ron's entries

	this year we have had about 21 thru hikers north and southbound
come through on the columbus route - ron is the only one to have any
problems - he was on a county road in the middle of nowhere and a
rancher rolls up on him - he was not on the trail - of course, the
rancher is going to be curious as to what you are doing there - in
southern new mexico many ranchers lease BLM (federal) land - the
ranchers think they own the land they are leasing - they don't - don't
let this isolated incident scare you away from doing the columbus route
- if you do run into a disgruntled rancher try to find out what ranch he
is from and let me know - I will go out there and talk with them - like
I said earlier this is one person out of 21- if you stay on the trail
you are in the middle of nowhere and most likely will not be seen - one
of the ranchers this past spring invited 2 nobo's to his house for

	any questions? 


	trail angel

	deming, NM

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