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even with hikers coming into contact with ranchers I'm not hearing anything about anyone being injured or forcibly removed from the land -  when I'm in the desert on my 4 wheeler I wear a gun - ranchers do to - it's a necessity - they also wear them to intimidate unsuspecting people - now if they pull them out and point them at you as in robocop's situation that's a different story and in southern NM (on the columbus route) you should report it to me or local law enforcement - I am a retired peace officer - that's why they don't intimidate me - sometimes you may run into ranch hands that like to throw their weight around

okay now - another topic while in NM - we (trail angels) have a great network of communication from grants south to the border - when a hiker leaves grants heading south robin emails me with their trail name and when they left (if they are doing the columbus route) - I then email julie in the mimbres to let her know that she has a person or persons coming with their trail names - julie will either have them call me or she will call me to let me know when they have left the mimbres  - this way I know we can expect them in 4 - 5 days - we're hoping that this adds some to the hikers comfort of knowing that someone is looking out for them while in untamed NM - this is a necessity especially for the nobo's in the hot weather in the desert - if we don't hear from them we become concerned - hikers - please call us and let us know that you have made it to the Deming area even if you are not going to avail yourselves of our hospitality - as I understand it NM has some of the best trail angels - I hope you hikers don't take this in a negative manner
side note - julie the one that left your place most recently is okay and finished his hike - just happened to see him today when we were on our way to columbus 
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