[Cdt-l] Rancher Experiences

Ellie sidselliott at aol.com
Tue Nov 3 09:27:40 CST 2009

I've received a few e-mails regarding my rancher experiences.  In a nutshell...

Not too happy rancher lady on horse outside Lordsburg.  Skidded up on horse, let me know she was not happy, and galloped away

Rancher outside Pie Town chased me down to bring me Calamine lotion.  He had noticed my poison ivy when we had chatted about an hour earlier.

Rancher south of Pagosa Springs threatened to call authorities.  My only request was it be the Pagosa Springs authorities...eliminating my need to hitch into town.  Although I used my best southern charm, he left very unhappy.

I mentioned my Wyoming experience that started with slightly unhappy ranchers, and ended on a good note.

Even the pleasant ranchers voiced their concerns about libility issues.  Can't really blame them in today's society.  I met one WY rancher that claimed to have already been sued by an ATV rider that had trespassed on his clearly posted land (riding around a locked gate) and injured himself.
Ellie Thomas

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