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Thanks, Keith & others; interesting discussion.  It appears from Bob Wood's 
and other posts that CDTA & BLM are aware of the  discussion.
    I plan to start at Crazy Cook late Mar 2010, hike  to Pie Town, go to 
ADZ, then return to finish NM - snow permitting. Should  I print all these 
emails and carry them to at least confuse disgruntled  ranchers? 
    Keith, I'll at least stop by to say howdy when I  drive to Silver City 
to leave my car. Does anyone know any Angels in Silver  City? Otherwise, if 
the hostel there is still in business next Mar, I hope to  leave the car 
there until I hike back to Silver City.  
Bob  "Trekker"
Big Bend Desert Denizen, and...
Naturalized Citizen - Republic  of Texas  

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the lease is for grazing rights only - it remains  public land - you can 
hunt on public land and even hike on it - in the past I  have had to contact 
the BLM over issues down here because I was one of those  evil 4 wheeler 
riders on public land - BLM states grazing rights  only


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