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a little history of border issues as they stand now - approximately 3 years ago the crossing of the border by illegals was extremely high - emergency situation as declared by the governor's of AZ and NM - so the Army national guard was brought in to Deming for 2 years so the border patrol could build it's troop strength - they were shooting out agents left and right from their academy - the presence of the Army and the added BP agents (and bush's steel curtain - an ugly 15' plus fence) slowed down the number of illegals crossing the border - then the Army left and with the added BP agents the number of crossings dropped considerably - the el paso sector which is western TX to the AZ border I believe had about a 70% drop in apprehensions - now either the illegals are getting smarter or the extra agents are somewhat controlling the flow - remember - illegals travel at night and sleep during the day - hikers do the opposite - it would be interesting to know how many hikers have come in contact with illegals - they are easy to spot - they normally have a book bag on their backs and they are carrying 2 gallons of water and they look and are hungry
el coyote
side note - I have given myself a trail name - el coyote - as everyone knows the coyote's (people) in mexico help lead the illegals to and sometimes over the border to help them head north to the promised land and they get paid for it - I believe the going price is around $4000 per person - well - I charge $20 a truckload to take people to the border and they head north - thusly I am like a coyote and the name el coyote fits
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