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Hi, Dan!

In order to help thru hikers become familiar with snow camping and travel techniques before they encounter it, either in the Sierras or up out of Chama, NM, we offer free, 3-day snow skills training weekend trips in the Lake Tahoe area from December to May.

For those who cannot attend, we try to educate them via the written word through our Forum located at http://postholer.com/SnowTravel. We are in the midst of covering the most common Snow Concerns for Spring thru hikers.

Take a look at out Snow Course Description on the Forum list to get an idea what we do and teach, then let us know when you want to attend.

Mtnned & Lady J
Mountain Education
South Lake Tahoe, Ca
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  I do not know of anyone offering this type of training, however, I would be greatly interested in such a class as I am planning a PCT through hike in 2011.  Please keep me informed.



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  Some of you know me from the PCT-L. It has been a long time since I was subscribed to the CDT-L.

  I hiked the Divide back in 1980 and now give back into the family of thru hikers by offering free snow skills training weekends near Lake Tahoe, Ca.. These are 3-day events that include instruction in self-arrest, navigation, avalanche awareness and avoidance, hidden hazards, snow-caving, and much more. 

  Is anyone offering the same sort of free training to those aspiring to do the CDT?



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