[Cdt-l] Official CDT miles v other miles

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Thanks for the nice comments on our photos Ginny and Keith. The photos bring the trail back to life for us now that we have returned to work in wintry Scotland!

I just did a calculation yesterday that we spent 56% of our walk on the 'official' CDT against 44% on other trails/ cross country. I guess the 44% might seem high but includes the Columbus route NM, Gila river NM, the Butte to Yellowstone 'Big Sky' variant MT/WY (about 400 miles), Shale Mtn- Titcomb Basin-Elkhart Trailhead-Cirque of the Towers in the Winds WY plus lots of other bits and pieces.

That said, we also followed the CDT right round the San Juans CO.

I used the CDTA 'Official Guides' as the definition for the official route except where I knew that new trail has been built since these were published(ie the excellent trail south of Cuba NM).

Has anyone else tried to work this one out for their hike- or have you all got better things to do !?


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Terrific photos!  I really enjoyed seeing the beauty of the CDT again.  It brought back a lot of good memories.  Thanks for sharing.

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Subject: [Cdt-l] 2009 CDT hike photo gallery from Brian and Martina

Hi folks, 
We - Brian and Martina- have posted photos from our hike this year to the site below. I have linked the photos in each state to maps so you can see the photos from the gallery or by looking at a google style map. I also noted the Jonathan Ley map number against most of the photos for reference.


Black Isle

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