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dan bedore mr_dan_bedore at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 11:16:04 CDT 2009

I am planning a thru hike of the CDT for 2010. I plan to start at the Mexican Border in the late April timeframe.
I just don't know what the winter will bring, so I can't really say wether I will go northbound all the way, flipflop, or what. When I run into snow in Colorado, I'll start searching the web to determine the best strategy.
I'm more concerned about spending as much time in the most beautiful places possible, and less concerned about finishing in one year, etcetera.
I hiked the PCT in 2003, as well as a few other trails since. You can see the gear I used, journals, pix, and etcetera, on my website, www.bedore.org. Within a few days, I also hope to post a rough plan for my CDT hike on my website. I anticipate the gear I use for the CDT hike will be quite similar to that I used for the PCT.
Fashionplate Dan Bedore

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