[Cdt-l] Writing a story on Thru-Hiking

Nathan Ehrlich nathan.ehrlich at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 16:09:59 CDT 2009

 Hi CDT Thru-hikers,

My name is Nathan Ehrlich, I am a freelance writer working on a story for
backpacker magazine on thru-hikers and the recession.  I have already
interviewed a whole slew of hikers that finished the Appalachian Trail and
some PCT thru-hikers as well.  My story is about the increase in thru-hiking
as a result of lost employment due to the recession.
If you began your thru-hike on the CDT because you lost your job or are
having difficulty finding work after hiking the trail or both I would love
to speak with you.  Congratulations on your accomplishment and I hope to
hear from you.

Nathan Ehrlich
Nathan.Ehrlich at gmail.com
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