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Ron Dobra ghsron at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 11:58:21 CDT 2009

Having finished the hike from Helena (skipping Wyoming) yesterday, I have
some comments on the Columbus route. On two occasions south of Emory Pass I
was confronted by angry land owners, though I was on a "public" road. The
first was at the end of the Barrenca (?) creek descent, as I was about to
climb over the big, locked gate with the "no trespassing" sign on the south
side..the guy owned the property the McMullen(?) spring was on (sorry, I
don't have the map/guide with me). His partner was packing a holstered
pistol and just glared at me....the second was on a road in the "aim for the
pointed peak SSW" cross country section, as I was walking down a road...guy
comes roaring up in a jeep, says "May I ask just what you are doing here?" I
answer about finishing my thru hike. He says "You know your on private
land." I say "My map shows this to be a county road"
His reply.."That's a mere technicality" OK...I'm state highway bound from
that point all the way to the border. My point: if the 14 (?!) sobos
alledgedly grouped up in Grants were to meet one of these guys en masse,
well..."obtaining permission" is not realistic in the field. I realize this
has not been a common, or perhaps even prior occurence, but it happening
twice in three days made me wonder how stress free the guide book route
might be....homeward bound.
ron zen quake dobra
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