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I would like to back up what Keith has said below. We hiked north on the Columbus route this spring and met only one rancher, who offered us water from their spigot then invited us in for lunch! From what I heard from other hikers doing the Crazy Cook route to Silver City, the Columbus route would still be my route of choice for variety of scenery, water and shorter sections.

Brian, Black Isle,  Scotland


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I'd like to add my 2 cents worth to jonathan's and ron's entries
this year we have had about 21 thru hikers north and southbound come through on the columbus route - ron is the only one to have any problems - he was on a county road in the middle of nowhere and a rancher rolls up on him - he was not on the trail - of course, the rancher is going to be curious as to what you are doing there - in southern new mexico many ranchers lease BLM (federal) land - the ranchers think they own the land they are leasing - they don't - don't let this isolated incident scare you away from doing the columbus route - if you do run into a disgruntled rancher try to find out what ranch he is from and let me know - I will go out there and talk with them - like I said earlier this is one person out of 21- if you stay on the trail you are in the middle of nowhere and most likely will not be seen - one of the ranchers this past spring invited 2 nobo's to his house for dinner
any questions? 
trail angel
deming, NM

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