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Wed Sep 9 11:35:05 CDT 2009

for those of you doing the columbus route - this place  is between MM 13 & 
14 on hiway 11 - they have opened up their yard to you -  it's an easy day 
hike from their place to the border
deming NM 

hi there.  good to "hear" from you folks  again.  hope all is well with 
you.  we are still in and out of the  ranch up north, but you know the hikers 
are welcome,  even in our  absence,  to gather water and rest a spell here.  
the  outdoor  shower is finally installed and functional under the tree 
where you sat  last.  hikers will find soaps and shampoos that they are free to  
make use of. . . . and will try to remember to leave towels and wash  
clothes in the shower in the event we step out for a day or two.  there  are 
chairs and benches under the tree as well.  let us know if you get a  schedule 
for any hikers expected to drop in.  thanks.  take  care.  oiur cell # is 
575-494-6828.  carol and  ben 

Sep 8, 2009 12:24:27 PM, _ks1007 at aol.com_ (mailto:ks1007 at aol.com)  wrote:

it's getting close to that time of year now that the  southbound SOBO's cdt 
hikers start getting into our area - so far I have  only heard of one that 
is doing the columbus route - will keep you  informed


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