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Brian and Martina are in Pinedale now heading south to finish our CDT journey this year at Battle Pass WY. If we make it we will have hiked about 2150 miles this year and have missed the section from Battle Pass to Copper Mountain CO which we hiked in 2004.

The northern Winds have been our favourite hiking of the year. We took a number of variations from the CDT following some of the purple routes on Jonathans maps. We went over Shale Mountain and then an unbelievably great hike from there south to Clear Lake and down to Green Lakes. we wanted to stay on the divide, but thunder storms made our mind up to follow the Clear lake route which turned out to be a good decision. Lightning hit the ridge 300m above us with smoke and a rockfall. We went over Knapsack col and down Titcomb Basin and then deviated up into Indian Basin. The next day we took a day 'off' and went up the Winds 2nd highest point, Fremont Peak which was excellent.

looking forward to returning to the mountains in nice autumnal weather tomorrow. 

brian and martina


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I am not sure if I can answer all the questions Karl, we hiked there in May and had a great time. Wagontongue Mountain I remember has a slightly tricky section of burned forest on the NB descent. But its short, follow the trail down to the burned area and bushwack downhill for about 15mins and look for the trail restarting in the forest again. We found it further right (looking downhill) than expected if thats a help. Its not marked in the burn area but is ok on either side. The spring marked on JLey's map north of the burn area was dry when we passed in May and we had to make do until getting to the Reserve road. There was a water cache in May on the north side of the road in May. Obviously no H2O problems in the Gila and Snow Lake campground has a spiggot.

Have a great hike


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I am planning a section hike this month from Gila Hot Springs, Little Bear Canyon, up the Middle Fork of the Gila River to Snow Lake, up T-Bar Canyon,
north around John Kerr Peak, over Wagontongue Mountain and down to Hwy. 12.
Does anyone have current info on trail conditions and water sources (I do plan to make a couple of H2O caches beforehand).  Also, is the route over
Wagontongue Mountain marked with emblems and/or cairns?  I do have Ley's
maps and Wolf's guide.  Does anyone have GPS waypoints on the route?  Thanks.

Karl Hunsicker
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