[Cdt-l] Cdt-l Digest, Vol 24, Issue 4

Sam Haraldson samh at samh.net
Fri Sep 11 12:18:12 CDT 2009

>   1. Brian and Martina in the Wind Rivers (Brian Dickson)

> The northern Winds have been our favourite hiking of the year.
> We took a number of variations from the CDT following some of
> the purple routes on Jonathans maps.

I was backpacking in the Southern Winds for six days last week and was
often hiking in parallel to the CDT.  I'm very, very glad to hear you
opted for some alternate routes because from what I can tell the CDT
misses some of the most gorgeous country in that range in exchange for
an easier route.  Enjoy the Southern section of the range - - it's

- Sam

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