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Thanks for the comments! We are heading south via Cirque of the Towers and bypassing Big Sandy. I looked at routes via Hay Pass but the planning seems a bit complex so I have given up on that one. We climbed in the 'Cirque' in 2004 so know it is a fantastic place. 

1.Hikers Richard and Ted
In answer to Keith- Richard and Ted are heading south to complete at Battle Pass also. We haven't seen Richard since Helena MT and Ted since Glacier (they split hiking together ). Ted/Richard are you out there still and wouldn't it be great to hike the last section together into Battle Pass and relive New Mexico adventures ?? email us back here to let us know how you are doing.

2.CDT Documentary
A couple of people have mentioned to us that a CDT TV documentary played on PBS recently. Do you have any info on this- is it new or perhaps a repeat of a 2007 CDT documentary that I saw a trailer for?

3.Great Basin Wyoming Water Sources
Do any hikers have updates on water source conditions in the Great Basin in Wyoming? We are heading that way and quite looking forward to the desert- but it would be nice if we knew a bit about water availability. We will be taking the normal route on Jonathans maps from South Pass to Rawlins with the Sweetwater river variant (ie not the Ferris Mountains route).

4.Battle Pass to Denver
We aim to finish our hike at Battle Pass WY around 30th Sept / 1st October and will then attempt to get to Denver. We fly out from Denver to sunny Scotland on October 13th and hope to rent a car from the airport for the last couple of weeks (I have my eye on climbing one of the San Juan 14,000 ers like Mt Sneffels if weather permits)..  Our best plan to get to Denver is to hitch to Riverside, then hitch to Laramie or Rawlins then Greyhound to Denver. I wonder if anyone has any better ideas to get to Denver from Battle Pass or even any suggestions for getting lifts? Mark/Leslie from Laramie- we are almost afraid to ask you for help again as you were so generous last time in 2004 giving us a lift out to the trail at Battle Pass but any help would be appreciated.

Enough questions ! some info updates to maps and Yogi town guide

5. Routes to Pinedale
I noted on Jonathans maps that the suggested route into Pinedale is 15 miles from Summit Lake. This would be 30 miles return trip. We came in from Island Lake on the Senaca Lake trail past Photographers point at about 10 miles. Its a nice trail too. We intend to go out via Photographers Point then onto the Pole Creek trail meeting the CDT at Bald Mountain Basin - 11 miles back. As this cuts 4.3 miles of the CDT it makes it about a 21-4.3= 17 extra miles return trip. 
The Beartooth Publishing- Wind River Range map covers all of this quite well and is good for planning as the Pinedale to CDT area is off the edge of Jonathans maps. It has to be said though that the Beartooth maps have less detail on them ie they miss out small lakes and rivers.

6.Pinedale motel
Update to Yogi's townbook (invaluable by the way - thanks Yogi) The Half Moon Lodge is hiker friendly and in the centre of town, they give a hiker discount, have a hiker log (left by Wilderness Bob this year who I don't think we have met) and may give a lift back to the trailhead.


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