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Matthew Robison wolverine1970 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 11:32:15 CDT 2009

After planning for a hike along the CDT for over a year and a half, I have
the maps, information, and gear one needs to plan a thru-hike. Please email
me at wolverine1970 at gmail.com for questions, details, and photos.

Color print-outs of Jonathan Ley’s maps on 8.5”x11” paper for the entire CDT
with cross-references to Wolf’s Sections and relevant maps (such as Forest
Service Maps or Trails Illustrated)—Over 270 color print-outs--$75—Half will
go to Jonathan Ley.


TI = Trails Illustrated Color Topo Maps made of water and tear-resistant
NF = National Forest Color Topo Maps made of paper, unless otherwise noted.

Note: Most Forest Service maps have the Continental Divide National Scenic
Trails highlighted in yellow, with sections listed in pen or marker.  They
may still be used for other purposes, but you should know that while all are
in excellent condition (none were taken out into the field), they are not
BLM = Bureau of Land Management Color Topo Maps made of paper
Note: Most BLM maps have the Continental Divide National Scenic Trails
highlighted in yellow, with sections listed in pen or marker.  They may
still be used for other purposes, but you should know that while all are in
excellent condition (unless otherwise noted), they are not pristine.
NP = National Park

Maps and Resources—Montana—All 25% Off Retail!
TI 215 – Glacier/Waterton National Park (2004)—Retail: $12. You Pay: $9
Bob Marshall/Scapegoat NF Map (1990)—Retail: $12. You Pay: $9
Helena NF (2001)—Retail: $14  You Pay: $10.50
Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF (2003)—Retail: $12;  You Pay: $9
Targhee NF – Dubois/Island Park Ranger Districts (1984)—Retail: $12. You
Pay:  $9
Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness—Gallatin, Custer & Shoshone NF (1997)—Retail:
$14; You Pay:$10.50
Southwest Montana Interagency Visitor/Travel Map—East Half (1996)—Retail:
$14; You Pay: $10.50
 Caribou-Targhee NF—Ashton/Island Park Ranger Districts (2001)—Retail: $12;
You Pay: $9
Lee Metcalf  Wilderness & West Yellowstone Vicinity (2002)—Plastic—Retail:
$12; You Pay: $9
AAA Campbook for Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming—FREE

Maps—Wyoming—All 25% Off Retail!
TI 201–Yellowstone NP (2003)—Retail: $12. You Pay: $9
Bridger Teton NF – Buffalo & Jackson Ranger Districts (2005)—Plastic—Retail:
$14; You Pay: $10.50
Shoshone NF—North Half (2004)—Water & Tear Resistant Plastic—Retail: $14;
You pay: $10.50
Grand Teton National Park Color Plastic Topo Map (2001)—Retail: $10; You
Pay: $7.50
Earthwalk Press Wind River Range—North (2005)—Tear/Water Proof Plastic with
Highlighting—Retail: $10; You Pay: $7.50
Earthwalk Press Wind River Range—South (2005)—Tear/Water Proof Plastic with
Highlighting—Retail: $10; You Pay: $7.50
Shoshone NF—South Half (2004)—Water & Tear Resistant Plastic—Retail: $14;
You Pay: $10.50
Bridger-Teton NF—Pindale Ranger District/Bridger Wilderness
(1996)—Tear/Water Proof Plastic—Retail: $14; You Pay: $10.50
BLM South Pass—Retail: $8; You Pay: $6
BLM Bairoil—Retail: $8; You Pay: $6
BLM Rawlins—$4—50% off (map was taped back together; it is complete but more
worn than other maps)
BLM Baggs—$4—50% off (map was taped back together; it is complete but more
worn than other maps)
Medicine Bow NF (1998)—Tear/Water Proof Plastic with Highlighting—Retail:
$14; You Pay: $10.50
AAA map of CO & WY.  FREE
AAA Campbook for Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming—FREE

Maps—Colorado—All 25% Off Retail!
Colorado Bicycling Map. $1
Hike Closer to Home—Denver Foothills Map—$2—Save 60%
TI 102 - Indian Peaks/Gold Hill—Retail: $12: You Pay: $9
TI 103 - Winter Park/Central City/Rollins Pass—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 104 - Idaho Springs/Loveland Pass—Retail: $12; You pay: $9
TI 108 - Vail/Frisco/Dillon—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 109 - Breckenridge/Tennessee Pass—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 110 – Leadville/Fairplay—Retail: $12: You Pay: $9
TI 115 - Rand/Stillwater Pass—Retail: $12: You Pay: $9
TI 116 - Hahns Peak/Steamboat Lake—Retail: $12: You Pay: $9
TI 117 - Clark/Buffalo Pass—Retail: $12: You Pay: $9
TI 118 - Steamboat Springs/Rabbit Ears Pass—Retail: $12: You Pay: $9
TI 126 - Holy Cross/Ruedi Reservoir—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 127 - Aspen/Independence Pass—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 129 - Buena Vista/Collegiate Peaks—Retail: $12: You Pay: $9
TI 130 - Salida/St Elmo/Shavano Peak—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 131 Crested Butte—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 139 - La Garita/Cochetopa Hills—Retail: $12: You Pay: $9
TI 140 - Weminuche Wilderness—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 141 – Silverton/Ouray/Telluride/Lake City—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 142 - South San Juan Wilderness/Del Norte—Retail: $12: You Pay: $9
TI 200 - Rocky Mountain NP—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
TI 128 Maroon Bells—Retail: $12; You Pay: $9
Mapsco Street Map of Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Estes Park.  $2—Half
10th Mountain Division Huts FREE
AAA Map of CO & WY.  FREE
AAA Denver Street Map FREE
AAA Colorado Springs Street Map FREE
AAA Map of Western States/Provinces in the USA & Canada FREE
AAA Tourbook of Colorado and Utah—FREE
AAA Campbook of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah—FREE

Maps—New Mexico—All 25% Off Retail!
Carson NF (2002)—Water and Tear Resistant Plastic—Retail: $14: You Pay:
Santa Fe NF (2004)—Water and Tear Resistant Plastic—Retail: $14; You Pay:
Cibola NF–Mt Taylor Ranger District (2001)—Retail: $12. You Pay: $9
Gila NF (1997)—Retail: $12. You Pay: $9
El Malpais Recreation Map—Retail: $10; You Pay: $7.50
AAA Indian Country Map—Retail: $5; You Pay: $3—40% off
BLM Chaco Mesa (2005)—Retail: $8; You Pay: $6
BLM Acoma Pueblo (2007)— Retail: $8; You Pay: $6
BLM Fence Lake (2007)— Retail: $8; You Pay: $6
BLM Quemado (2002)— Retail: $8; You Pay: $6
AAA Campbook of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah

My work‡$75

My fruits of my own labor, enriching your backcountry experience by
translating the prose guidance from every major source of information into
an integrated package for a Southbound Hike, ready to throw into a drift box
and start hiking.
- 203 color pages of summaries of Wolf Sections (sample available upon
- 48 color pages of altitude profiles made with MapSource (sample available
upon request)
- 32 black and white 8.5”x11” pages of Forest Service and BLM maps, with CDT
routes highlighted and cross-referenced to Wolf Sections, so you don’t need
to mess around with unwieldy, paper maps that could be ruined by even the
least amount of rain as you try to try to find your way through the expected
daily rains in the Rocky Mountains.
- 15 black and white 8.5”x11” pages supplementing Yogi’s Guide with city
information from my own study and pages from other guides, such as the
Colorado Trail Guide Book.
- Information on essentially every potential alternate route, including:
o Anaconda cutt-off or Butte
o Macks Inn route or Henry's Lake
o a 3-day side trip along the Teton Crest Trail in the Grand Teton National
Park (leaving/returning to the main CDT at Togwotee Pass).
o High and low altitude routes through the Wind River Range in WY.
o The Great Basin Divide or Ferris Mountains Route in southern WY, north of
o The standard CDT route through central Colorado, or stay east of the CDT
and bag 15+ 14ers.
o My own route through the Black Mountains in Southern New Mexico (from the
Gila Cliff Dwellings to Emory Pass)
Physical and electronic resources to get you up to speed as soon as
possible, without wasting an hour locating the most critical information.
(Please email me for a detailed list of documents and websites.)
- 38+ electronic documents covering almost every area of hiking the CDT from
routefinding, sample itineraries, sample drift box contents, how to be “bear
smart,”  wilderness navigation, weather prediction, Leave No Trace Outdoor
Ethics, maps and key information regarding the northern terminus, and
state-specific resources.
- A list of the 70 websites that I found most valuable when planning my hike
including general trail wisdom, hiking and government organizations, how to
manage the threats posed by snow, weather, flooding, fires, and avalanches,
how to use a map, compass, and GPS device in the backcountry, transportation
resources, and lightweight backpacking technique and gear reviews.
- 241 pages of physical documents that I found most helpful when preparing
for the CDT including how to maintain and fix gear, systematic
identification of CDT challenges and proposed solutions, wilderness
navigation, food preparation and backcountry cooking (including how to
dehydrate fruits, vegetables and meats, including fish), transportation
information, how to reach the northern terminus, and state—specific
- 15 black and white pages of other information, includes maps on how to bag
14ers in central Colorado, transportation logistics, and other information.
- Five additional maps in perfection condition:
o AAA Indian Country Map of northwestern New Mexico and southwestern
o 10th Mountain Division map for accesing its huts during the summer,
located near Turquoise Lake in central Colorado;
o Scenic Map of Colorado with lists of National Parks/Monuments, State
Parks, 14ers, Mountain Passes, Ski Areas, distances between 38 cities/towns,
and details of 7 Cities.
o  AAA map of Montana and Idaho; AAA map of Wyoming and Colorado; AAA map of
Western States.
- a 14-page electronic document summarizing 10 years of trail wisdom from
the CDTS Newsletter, as of January 2009 (although I have already integrated
this information into my summaries and the various types of maps, I will
provide it to you FYI).

Gear: email wolverine1970 at gmail.com for details, pictures, and answers to
your questions.

Marmot Helium 900 Fill 15 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag
Retail: $370
You Pay: $225

North Face Tadpole Three-Season 1 or 2-Person Dome Tent + Footprint
Retail: $240
You Pay: $120—Half Price!

TarpTent Squall with Beak—28.5oz—Bottom Attached with Bug Netting
Retail: $230
You Pay: $115—Half Price!

OR High Rocky Mountain High Gaiters—Keeps Out Snow and Dirt
Retail: $55
You Pay: $25—Save 55%

YakTrax Pro Traction Device—Perfect for Ice or Crusty Snow—5oz
Retail: $30
You Pay: $15—Half Price!

GoreTex Hiking Socks—Ford with Your Shoes On—Size 7-8(men) or 7-9(women)
Retail: $50
You Pay: $20—Save 60%

Don’t Guess Weights, Measure Them—Electronic Scale From 1/8oz to 5lb. 4oz
Retail: $25
You Pay: $12—Half Price!

Measure Trail Distances Accurately—Electronic Map Wheel for Effective Map
Retail: $30
You Pay: $15—Half Price!

Always Keep a Journal—Even When Tired—Olympus Digital Voice Recorder—$15
Retail: $30
You Pay: $15—Half Price!

Olympus Stylus Epic 35mm Camera—The Professional Point-and-Shoot
Retail: $100
You Pay: $75—Save 25%

Professional-Grade Landscape 35mm Film—FujiColor Superia Reala 100 Speed, 36
Retail: $4 each
You Pay: $2 each—Half Price!

White silk sleeping bag liner—Sleep in Luxury—Protect you Sleeping Bag
Retail: $40
You Pay: $20—Half Price!

Glacier Glove Hiking Gloves—Warmth in Morning—Sun Protection in Afternoon
Retail: $25
You Pay: $10—Save 60%

OR Overmitts—Make Your Camp Gloves Weatherproof—$15
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