[Cdt-l] Brian and Martina finish!

Brian Dickson briansolar1 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 26 20:22:25 CDT 2009

Brian and Martina from Scotland finished their CDT hike and made it to Battle Pass WY today. We hiked 2,100 miles in all, missing out the Battle Pass WY to Frisco CO section which we did in 2004. 

We hit some blizzard conditions in the Great Basin which spiced things up for us and kept it interesting to the end. Its getting cold out there!

We want to say thank you to all who have helped us this summer and helped make our trip a truly great experience. We are going to take 2 weeks 'holiday' before we fly back to scotland and rent a car and become normal tourists. Maybe visiting Moab Utah for some canyons, arches, sightseeing and mtb-ing.

I hope to update the forum in the next few weeks on our variant from Butte to Yellowstone (Big Sky variant) and have lots of general updates for Jonathans excellent maps.

Hello to all the hikers and helpers we met this year and keep in touch. If anyone is interested in visiting Scotland/UK and savouring our outdoor delights then get back to me. We want to return some favours!


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Dylan Carlson here, writing to announce that on Thursday, Sept 24th, four Nobos finished our CDT thru-hikes together at Waterton!

Finishing together were:
-Lloyd "Load" Joyce (TRIPLE CROWN)
-Bob "Wilderness Bob" Bence  (TRIPLE CROWN)
-Sarah Dykman
-Dylan Carlson

We expect "Special K" and "JB" to finish their Triple Crowns by the time you read this.

Congrats to the Triple Crowners, and good luck to all you Southbounders!!
Dylan Carlson
Olympia, WA

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