[Cdt-l] we're moving out of chama

Josh and Laura Ryan joshandlauraryan at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 2 18:12:53 CDT 2010

Hi everyone!I'm writing to let you all know, that Josh and I will no longer be living in Chama as of May 2010.  I'm going to be attending graduate school in Massachusetts this fall, and we're trying to get a jump on the cross country move, which unfortunately means we won't be here for hiker season.  We've had a great time with all the hikers passing through in the last few years, are sad to be leaving.That said, there are a lot of folks in Chama who have really warmed up to the hiker scene.  Most of the hotels/motels will go out of their way to accommodate you, and a lot of the owners let hikers borrow their cars and/or give them rides up the pass.  And, if you go to the High Country Restaurant, make sure the servers/bartenders know that you're a thru hiker and a free beer will come your way.  If beer isn't your thing, then Che (the owner, young tall guy with long hair) will make sure you get a free something. Good luck to all the hikers in 2010,
 we'll miss meeting you!Best, Laura and Josh (Leprechaun)

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