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I'm finally getting to studying Jonathan's maps (2008 edition) and my notes 
from the fall of 2006 to comment on the water sources. Too much fun skiing 
and hiking!
Going from North to South from Collins Park:
Map NM30a thru NM30c: Water as per Jonathan's maps - Collins Park to North 
Garcia Windmill.
The North Garcia Windmill was an excellent source of water.
NM30d - Good flowing water in Creek flowing north to just east of Wahoo 
NM30e - From my notes, I think that the water marked 2 should be the stream 
1 mile south as Jonathan suggests. It was after a descent in a westerly 
direction (SB).
NM30f and NM30g - lots of water in Chloride Creek area.
NM30h - Good water in Black Canyon.


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> Gail and I hiked the Aldo Leopold Route in October 2006 as part of our
> southbound CDT hike.
> Water sources were few and far between, some looked green,and no resupply
> points but we considered the Black Range one of the finer sections of the
> CDT in NM..
> We got 11 days food in Reserve then got a ride NE back to the trail. The
> monsoon of 2006 was a substantial one so we decided to give the route a 
> try
> even though we only had a 2 mile to the inch USFS map and the maps in the
> CDTA guidebook! With the long distance between supply points and the
> scarcity of water sources we had the heaviest loads of our trip on this
> section.
> Our next resupply point was at The Lake Roberts General Store at the west
> end of Lake Roberts. We then followed the CDTA route to Silver City.
> Jonathan Ley now has this section mapped. I'll check his maps and my notes
> and reply further on the water sources we found.
> Alistair
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>> A partial answer here...
>> The Grand Enchantment Trail co-opts the CDT for approximately 45 miles
>> along the Black Range crest, between the Diamond Peak area and Wahoo 
>> Peak.
>> The GET online guide descriptions, while not synchronized with the CDTA
>> guidebook in terms of segment layout, nonetheless are current as of last
>> autumn (if fairly spare at this point). For the latest water info (also
>> current as of last fall, with historical data available), see the GET
>> water chart. (GET home page: www.grandenchantmenttrail.org )
>> The CDT in the Black Range received a trail crew (mostly blowdown 
>> removal)
>> last summer between Reeds and Diamond peaks, then again from the northern
>> boundary of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness all the way to Wahoo Peak. In
>> between the going can be rough at times, though certainly not impassable
>> at last check (this winter has seen a number of storms with high winds,
>> and there is still a fair amount of standing dead timber in the burn
>> zones).
>> North of Wahoo Peak, onward toward Collins Park, the CDT remains unbuilt
>> in places. Tree marks (i-blazes) may assist in forested areas, but I hear
>> the going can sometimes default to cross-country travel. This info is
>> second-hand and a couple of years old, so check with CDTA here.
>> The water situation deteriorates north of Adobe Spring (half way between
>> NM 59 and Wahoo Peak), although this year Dry Time Tank *should* still
>> have water in May. No idea about sources thereafter, but this is one of
>> the reasons so few hikers elect to follow the official route along the
>> physical Divide.
>> Convenient resupply opportunities are nill. At Lookout Mountain, you 
>> could
>> either hike 15 miles downhill to the "town" of Winston for a PO resupply.
>> Alternatively, you could try hitchhiking to Winston from NM Hwy 59 about 
>> a
>> day's walk north of Lookout. The odds of getting a ride without a
>> protracted wait aren't all that good, especially outside of hunting
>> season. Either way, you may want to head into Reserve before arriving at
>> Pie Town. (See the GET Town Guide for more about a Winston resupply.)
>> - blisterfree
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>>> I am planning a NOBO hike of New Mexico CDT starting on the Columbus
>>> Route in early May.
>>> I want to plan to avoid the Gila and hike via the "official CDT" from
>>> (say) Mimbres via the Aldo Leopold Wilderness to Collins Park then to
>>> Pie Town.
>>> Can anyone provide information about trail condition, likely water
>>> availability and especially possible resupply points on this
>>> approximately 200 mile section?
>>> best regards
>>> Aussie Dave
>>> Canberra Australia

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