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Many thanks for this information.

Any other previous hikers have additional info?


On Apr 3, 2010, at 11:23 PM, Alistair and Gail Des Moulins wrote:

> I'm finally getting to studying Jonathan's maps (2008 edition) and  
> my notes
> from the fall of 2006 to comment on the water sources. Too much fun  
> skiing
> and hiking!
> Going from North to South from Collins Park:
> Map NM30a thru NM30c: Water as per Jonathan's maps - Collins Park to  
> North
> Garcia Windmill.
> The North Garcia Windmill was an excellent source of water.
> NM30d - Good flowing water in Creek flowing north to just east of  
> Wahoo
> Tanks.
> NM30e - From my notes, I think that the water marked 2 should be the  
> stream
> 1 mile south as Jonathan suggests. It was after a descent in a  
> westerly
> direction (SB).
> NM30f and NM30g - lots of water in Chloride Creek area.
> NM30h - Good water in Black Canyon.
> Alistair
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>> Gail and I hiked the Aldo Leopold Route in October 2006 as part of  
>> our
>> southbound CDT hike.
>> Water sources were few and far between, some looked green,and no  
>> resupply
>> points but we considered the Black Range one of the finer sections  
>> of the
>> CDT in NM..
>> We got 11 days food in Reserve then got a ride NE back to the  
>> trail. The
>> monsoon of 2006 was a substantial one so we decided to give the  
>> route a
>> try
>> even though we only had a 2 mile to the inch USFS map and the maps  
>> in the
>> CDTA guidebook! With the long distance between supply points and the
>> scarcity of water sources we had the heaviest loads of our trip on  
>> this
>> section.
>> Our next resupply point was at The Lake Roberts General Store at  
>> the west
>> end of Lake Roberts. We then followed the CDTA route to Silver City.
>> Jonathan Ley now has this section mapped. I'll check his maps and  
>> my notes
>> and reply further on the water sources we found.
>> Alistair
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>>> A partial answer here...
>>> The Grand Enchantment Trail co-opts the CDT for approximately 45  
>>> miles
>>> along the Black Range crest, between the Diamond Peak area and Wahoo
>>> Peak.
>>> The GET online guide descriptions, while not synchronized with the  
>>> CDTA
>>> guidebook in terms of segment layout, nonetheless are current as  
>>> of last
>>> autumn (if fairly spare at this point). For the latest water info  
>>> (also
>>> current as of last fall, with historical data available), see the  
>>> GET
>>> water chart. (GET home page: www.grandenchantmenttrail.org )
>>> The CDT in the Black Range received a trail crew (mostly blowdown
>>> removal)
>>> last summer between Reeds and Diamond peaks, then again from the  
>>> northern
>>> boundary of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness all the way to Wahoo Peak.  
>>> In
>>> between the going can be rough at times, though certainly not  
>>> impassable
>>> at last check (this winter has seen a number of storms with high  
>>> winds,
>>> and there is still a fair amount of standing dead timber in the burn
>>> zones).
>>> North of Wahoo Peak, onward toward Collins Park, the CDT remains  
>>> unbuilt
>>> in places. Tree marks (i-blazes) may assist in forested areas, but  
>>> I hear
>>> the going can sometimes default to cross-country travel. This info  
>>> is
>>> second-hand and a couple of years old, so check with CDTA here.
>>> The water situation deteriorates north of Adobe Spring (half way  
>>> between
>>> NM 59 and Wahoo Peak), although this year Dry Time Tank *should*  
>>> still
>>> have water in May. No idea about sources thereafter, but this is  
>>> one of
>>> the reasons so few hikers elect to follow the official route along  
>>> the
>>> physical Divide.
>>> Convenient resupply opportunities are nill. At Lookout Mountain, you
>>> could
>>> either hike 15 miles downhill to the "town" of Winston for a PO  
>>> resupply.
>>> Alternatively, you could try hitchhiking to Winston from NM Hwy 59  
>>> about
>>> a
>>> day's walk north of Lookout. The odds of getting a ride without a
>>> protracted wait aren't all that good, especially outside of hunting
>>> season. Either way, you may want to head into Reserve before  
>>> arriving at
>>> Pie Town. (See the GET Town Guide for more about a Winston  
>>> resupply.)
>>> - blisterfree
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>>>> I am planning a NOBO hike of New Mexico CDT starting on the  
>>>> Columbus
>>>> Route in early May.
>>>> I want to plan to avoid the Gila and hike via the "official CDT"  
>>>> from
>>>> (say) Mimbres via the Aldo Leopold Wilderness to Collins Park  
>>>> then to
>>>> Pie Town.
>>>> Can anyone provide information about trail condition, likely water
>>>> availability and especially possible resupply points on this
>>>> approximately 200 mile section?
>>>> best regards
>>>> Aussie Dave
>>>> Canberra Australia
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