[Cdt-l] Wagontongue Mtn burn coordinates

Kathy-Tom Laskowske tom_laskowske at wycliffe.net
Sun Apr 4 10:26:30 CDT 2010

I don't know if this info has been distributed yet, but I didn't have it with me for my hike in New Mexico Oct 2009. I took some readings, so I want to pass them on before the NOBOs get going.

There is a burn area on the north side of Wagontongue Mountain, and to this day there is no trace of most of the trail. I was hiking south, so I'll describe from that perspective. When emerging into the burn area, you are headed west. The trail continues to ascend slightly, and gradually curves to the left. It is marked by cairns on this end, sometimes on the ground, sometimes on fallen timber. When you reach the "crest" of the ridge, don't continue straight down into the draw. Rather, turn almost 90 degrees to the left and head for a lone standing dead tree in a flat spot uphill. By this time there is no trail visible, nor did I see any more cairns. The tree is blazed. From the lone standing tree, scan uphill for the tree line of live forest. Head toward the left end of that tree line. Two large cairns mark the beginning of visible trail in the live forest.

Entering the coordinates in your GPS for the opposite end of the burn area should help you find your way out easily.

trail at north end   - 33 52.245 N, 108 27.670 W, elev 8290'
lone standing tree - 33 52.206 N, 108 27.688 W, elev 8330'
trail at south end   - 33 52.156 N, 108 27.633 W, elev 8390'

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