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Mon Apr 5 12:20:41 CDT 2010

The small spring just north of Wagontongue Mountain was nearly dry in spring
2009. (I *think* it was called "Damien Spring.")  It was pretty hard to
find, even with the Wolf Guide's description.

There was also a windmill (two miles?) North of Damien Spring.  (I think it
was Aragon Windmill??)  This was full of green algea water when I visited,
and was not pumping, despite steady wind.

Finally, a trail angel left 10 gallons of water at NM Highway 12 one mile
north of Aragon Spring.

Dylan Carlson
CDT nobo 2009

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> Subject: [Cdt-l] Wagontongue Mtn burn coordinates
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> Good description.  If these coordinents look west of where the trail is on
> the USGS map, I think the trail was relocated west (and back east in a big
> switchback) just before the fire.  Generally, error toward the east side of
> the burn.  If you try to follow the trail, your momentum will take you west
> into the middle of the burn (from either direction).  Jonathan may have a
> better description this year.
> We missed the water source just north of the burn and went on to the soso
> windmill just before the road.  Does anyone have information on the spring?
> Jim
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