[Cdt-l] tracking the number of CDT thru-hikers

Josh Shusko Josh at cdtrail.org
Thu Apr 15 11:38:03 CDT 2010

We often get the question at CDTA, "How many thru-hikers attempt the CDT
each year?" We usually respond with a ballpark figure of 50-100 hikers,
but we would like to get a better sense of how many people are out on
the Trail and begin to track these numbers over time.
One of our volunteers and triple crowner - Anneliese Ring "Frische Luft"
- has offered to assist us. We hope to make this an ongoing annual
project and we will share our findings on the number of hikers with the
listserv and with the public through our website (though we will keep
individual demographic info confidential and we will not share email
If you are attempting the Trail this year, please provide the following
to Anneliese at cdtrail.org <mailto:Anneliese at cdtrail.org>  (or even just a
trail name and start date and direction if you aren't comfortable
providing more):
Trail name
Start date
Northbound or southbound
Country of origin if other than US
Email address
We might contact you later in the year to learn more about your hike and
to track problem areas on the Trail that we can address through future
volunteer projects. 
If you know of someone who is hiking but is not connected to the cdt-l,
please forward this on to them so we can be as complete with our data as
possible. We won't have a ridge runner stationed at the Mexico border ;)
so this data call is our main way to collect thru-hiker info. If you are
planning a long section hike, we would like to hear from you as well.
No need to reply to the entire listserv unless you are so inclined.
We also offer CDT completion certificates to thru-hikers (on the honor
system of course) and we would be happy to send one to any past hikers
who are interested. We just need a name, trail name and mailing address
for getting the certificate back to you. Please email info at cdtrail.org
if you would like to receive a certificate.
Thanks and happy hiking,
Josh Shusko

Communications Coordinator

Continental Divide Trail Alliance
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Golden, CO 80401

Phone:  (303) 278-3177
Fax: (303) 278-4838

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