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I added 2 generic side pockets to my Vapor Trail so I did not have to hammer stuff into my pack. At 200 cubic inches each they added just enough room.
In one I carried my UV water zapper & in the other my stove, alcohol & caldera cone. There are also zippered pockets capable of holding papers.
I recall them being $20 total but when I priced them at EMS recently they were $20 each.

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Hello Everyone on the CDT list,

My girlfriend and I will be starting a southbound thru-hike this year.  We are both needing to buy new packs as my Vapor Trail has fallen apart and she does not yet have one.  We have decided to go with Granite Gear and are thinking about which models to chose.  

Questions as follows:
1)  What is the difference between the Vapor Ki (a women's pack) and the unisex Vapor Trail with a women's hip belt?
  Just the zipper on the top?  They have identical weights (2lb, 5oz), volumes (3600cubic in), and price.

2)  We initially thought of both getting a Nimbus Ozone, but on closer inspection, there is only a puny 200 cubic inch difference between the Ozone and the Vapor Trail/Ki.  There is a far more significant difference between the two packs in weight (11oz) and price ($60) leading me to believe that the real significant difference between the Nimbus Ozone and the Vapor Trail is the tougher suspension on the Ozone, which allows it to carry 40 lbs comfortably rather than 30 lbs for the Vapor Trail.  What do you folks think?  Can we both get away with carrying Vapor Trails or a Vapor Trail/Ki combo or should one of us elect to carry the Nimbus Ozone for the extra weight capacity and the seemingly insignificant 200 cubic inches of volume?

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