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I've found a 2-part solution that keeps me blister-free.

1) Regular sock changes:

If going mostly level or uphill, I change socks every 2 hours. If going mostly downhill, I change every hour (feet slide around in your shoes more when going downhill. Wet plus abrasion = blister). These necessary changes also give me a valid reason to take a break.

2) Regular sock rinsing:

Wherever possible, I make my sock changes where I can at least rinse my "used" socks and wring them out before hanging them on my pack to dry. Convenient stream crossings facilitate this; the rinsing just comes BEFORE I take them off. Rinsing and drying my feet a couple of times a day helps as well. Shoes and socks come off for lunch. Feet get massaged and allowed to air dry.

Foot and sock washings are an end-of-the-day event whenever possible. Put a drop or two of Dr Bonners soap in a gallon ziplok bag half filled with water. Add socks and the day's bandana, seal and shake. Use the soapy water to wash the feet and calves. Rinse socks, bandana, and feet in that order. Air dry all. Keeps the sleeping bag fresher, feels good to the feet, and gives me clean(er) socks to wear the next day.


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  Partly it just comes with hiking.  A few helpful hints that work for me.  Take socks off breaks!!!    Change socks during the day!!  Dampness causes a lot of problems.  At the end of the day - bare those feet.    


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  I'm probably out of place with this email but here goes - people are having foot problems - blisters etc this year - one person from each group we've had here has had to stop their hike for 6 days or more to heal up - one of the israeli's and now tumbleweed - just food for thought

  el coyote
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