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yes, nice poetic piece Jonathan, and my best wishes to those hiking this year as well - the rest of us are rather jealous !! - but keep us up to date with your progress out there.

Regarding blisters,
Starting NB in New Mexico , its tough on the feet with the hot conditions, hard ground and flattish terrain. Most people I spoke to had some blisters early on. My advice is not to overdo it early in your hike. If you feel your feet blistering, stop and rest or do less miles. If you push it too hard then blisters can be a real problem and it can take days to recover (as Keith is reporting). There is plenty of time over the summer to hike long miles each day. Take it easy in the first week and listen to your feet!

Black Isle, Scotland

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What a great reminder.  As much as the CDT is pimped out to be a rough piece of hell, it is a beautiful stretch of this country.  True, there are some rough stretches, but any seasoned thru-hiker can do it.  Have a great hike out there CDT Class of 2010.


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