[Cdt-l] Minimalist Planning

Andrew Larson byekur at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 00:16:02 CDT 2010

I have a bunch of questions for anyone with the knowledge and time.

My summer job is currently unraveling and if I don't have a job by May 15
(when school gets out) I am thinking I might try to see as much of the CDT
that my short (10 week) summer will allow.  My work/hike limbo and an
intense next couple weeks at school mean I will not be able to thoroughly
plan out my hike.  In 2007 I hiked the PCT SOBO in 4 months with about two
weeks of planning but I realize the CDT is different is several critical
respects (resupplies, water, planning resources....?).  So my question are:

Where will the current NOBO thru hikers be on the trail around the last two
weeks of May?
Will it be possible head north from here and resupply in towns (no gen.
What are the bare minimum necessary planning resources I need?
         ie  Are Ley's maps sufficient or do I need Wolf and/or Yogi's
             Is there a CDT equivalent for the PCT data book?
If I wanted to maximize miles and minimize heat and snow with a mid may
start to a 10 week hike, where would I start and which direction would I go?
Is it crazy to jump on the CDT without any planning/prep?

It sounds crazy to me to undertake such an endeavor without substantial
planning but it worked out last time.
What do you think?

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