[Cdt-l] Minimalist Planning

Karl Luce k_luce at comcast.net
Mon Apr 26 11:11:07 CDT 2010

Hi Andrew,


In a normal snow year, going north from Grants mid-May makes sense.  You
still end up postholing when hitting the mountains in June.  But any later
in NM will be sun torture.


This year, however, there was above-average snowfall for NM and southern CO
while it was below average for northern CO.  That means San Pedro Parks and
the Carson will be soaked with melting snow.  I would consider flipping it
around and start going south through the WY Divide Basin.  See how bad it is
at Bridger Peak before progressing into Zirkel wilderness.  Either way,
you're going to be slogging through snow.


As far as general preparation goes, I would vote in favor of Wolf's guides
and Ley's maps.  Yes on Yogi's book to understand your logistics for the 10



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