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remember when you send your boxes to pie town to send them UPS per nita's request - as the trail angel here I have all the nobo's go past dry gulch - they are open year round and will be available for sobo's - hydro heidi and I had a sandwich there today - actually the trail was changed to go down hiway 143 and then west on 549 right by my house - I have made some modifications towards 549 to get the hikers off the road sooner and head them west to our place 
took dad's grin, wilderness bob, sweep and pace to the border today - we will see them back here in 2 1/2 days - stopped and talked to sarong, chief chi hua hua and jack beanstalk today about 3 miles southeast of deming - they didn't go down hiway 143 and missed the bbq place - saw popsicle on waterloo rd north of columbus too today 
el coyote
Deming, NM

Deming, NM

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Hi folks! I have been running all over Deming getting my resupply boxes ready 
or Mimbres, Doc Campbells and Pie Town.
 just happend to notice a place called the Shoe Dept. It is right next to the 
ollar Tree.
hey sell New Balance running shoes and are having a sale.
ust something to add to your notes in case your shoes don't work out or need 
eplacing. Possibly send a pair ahead to yourself from here.
nother note is things in Deming are happily much cheaper than my hometown! 
eally nice folks here.
f you are NoBo you might want to take Hwy 143 into town as it brings you right 
y the Dry Gulch BBQ place. It is 5 miles from the Florida Gap. You can't miss 
t cause there is not one other building on that stretch of Hwy! Smoked 
urkey,Brisket,Pulled Pork and seating outside in back. There is a power outlet 
ut there and if you ask nicely they might let you charge up your gadgets while 
ou eat. SoBo's beware they are seasonal and might be closed after summer but 
ou will have just left Deming so it might not matter to you.
eople are super nice here in Deming New Mexico!
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