[Cdt-l] More SoBo's!

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sun Aug 1 21:04:47 CDT 2010

I love 'Em!
I passed Dave and Becky this morning near Shineberger Creek and Jellybean & Carbo just below peak 8717 in the Beaver Head National Forest at noon.
This adds 4 more to the 9 I met just before I reached Lima.
So far 4 folks came by way of Anaconda 50% liked that route. And the rest by way of Butte, only two of those folks recommended that route.
I have a dilemma. Either way I go I can finish in time to make my mothers birthday party in Vegas by September but the shorter Anaconda route would naturally make my life easier. I would need to average 20 MPD or 22MPD which means 25MPD or 27MPD if I take a zero a week.
Admittedly this is "fuzzy" math but close enough when you are stumbling along texting person info to email forums. Ha!
God the BeaverHead Wilderness is beautiful!
My dilemma is;Do I go for a route that allows me more time to slow down and enjoy country later OR take a longer route and push a little harder for a while?
Am I gonna feel like a wimp for not doing the Butte route?
Part of me says "Hey, you did the San Juans so Anaconda is fair game"
The Masochistic side says " You GO Butte.. You GO Butte NOW!"
I think it is going to come down to which direction my toes point when I reach that junction.
Anyhow Darby has been suggested to me by more than a few SoBo's in lieu of Wisdom MT as a resupply. The "Little Blue" restaurant being the chief reason. 
Also, Jellybean has the most awesome "dodge" for a worn out trekking pole tip I have ever heard; A 20 guage shotgun shell (Spent of course!) stuffed over the tip fits snug and provides miles of wear until new tips can be procured.. Helena?
Anyhow, thanks for indulging my innermost "deep" thoughts.. Time for my afternoon Thunderstorm scare and dose of Lightning perilously close to my shabby little self.
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