[Cdt-l] Thanks for Waterton/Kalispell info

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Wed Aug 4 22:38:50 CDT 2010

Many thanks for the info Bob and Jeff!
I am kinda flying blind as those Delorme atlas pages are in my final map drop going to Helena.
Wow, right now I am high atop the divide 26 miles north of Bannock Pass. I can see why my SoBo buddies were waxing nostalgic when the spoke about where they had been and where I am going. Kinda windy here and a tad bit of drizzle from the passing clouds but the view of the mountains, made blue by twilight, to either side of the crest here.. Wow! I think there is some interesting trail yet ahead. 
Thanks So much for the help!
Cheers- Iceaxe

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