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The bridge to Warm Springs is out for cars, but you can walk over it.   
Make sure you fill up your water at Uncle Bucks...it's a long way until you get 
 to non-contaminated water.  The water that the bridge crosses has arsenic  
in it and Dry Cottonwood Creek has an awful lot of cow pies!
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Ice Axe,

My posts don't seem to go thru; can you post to  cdt-l if you don't get  
this from the list?

You care if you're  on the anaconda alternate this year:

I hear bridge out on hwy 48, so I  walked the bad two lane blacktop  
just west of I90 into buck's. There  was a road just 1 mile north of  
warm springs that looked like it  went thru, but I did the 3-ish on the  
no-shoulder-frontage, (but  mow'd strip) along the frontage just west  
of  I90.

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