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Sun Aug 8 17:51:16 CDT 2010

Hello fellow CDTers!
A few nuggets of info:

Ley MT 20, NOBO, Annotation #5: The CDT route follows the red dotted line
and thus does not pass the pond.  I did not see a route along the solid red
line.  For NOBOs, water can be found just before climbing out of the bowl.
 Here you will cross a dry sandy wash.  Follow this wash NW for maybe 3-5
minutes and you'll encounter good water (as of August 5).  Your next water
is a small trickle about 1/8 mile past the base of the dotted line
switchbacks near annotation #2.  The long switchbacks down to the Dearborn
river do not cross Blacktail Creek until the bottom.  Look out for the sharp
left turn in the meadow prior to crossing the Dearborn.  Easy to miss,
poorly signed.  Water is good all the way to Canada once you hit the
Dearborn River.

Lincoln, MT:  3 Bears Motel is wonderful.  They have bikes for hikers to
use.  Very friendly owners.
Augusta, MT:  Not hard to get a ride out from the trail.  Benchmark is a
busy trailhead.  Very hard hitch out, but local schoolteacher Truitt Kinna
took us back to the trail for $20 and is willing to shuttle others: His
number is (406) 562-3384.  Fantastic Montana beef burgers at the Buck Horn
in town.  Free camping in the park.

Happy Trails!
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