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Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sun Aug 8 21:15:39 CDT 2010

Once again MANY Thanks to everyone for your help regarding getting from Waterton to Kalispell. 
I did learn one thing from my SoBo counterparts. They said the Glacier Shuttle folks told them to keep their reciept if they wanted to return from Waterton to Glacier. They aparently won't take folks "one-way" from Waterton to Glacier unless they came to Waterton from Glacier on the shuttle.
A couple of SoBo's told me about getting a ride from a ranger to the border, getting out to walk across, and then getting back in to ride the rest of the way. 
All this fuss over a porous political boundary.
It is funny. The guidebooks are written for southbounders, Jonathan Ley's map comments are often on the previous page I.e. For southbounders, Even the shuttle bus is set up for southbounders! Ha!
Actually I have decided to just go from Waterton to Calgary and fly out of there since the flight is cheaper, it's closer, and it avoids the border hassle. 
Of course when the US customs guy asks me what my buisiness was in Canada, do I dare say the same thing I did last year?
I had my "Entry into Canada via the PCT" papers clutched in hand and at the ready.. I said, "My buisiness? Well I just hiked from Mexico to Canada and I have these papers right here..."
 But he only shrugged and said "Next"
I guess I better just keep my mouth shut this time since I don't have "official" documents! Just a bunch of callouses, stinky socks, and memories! 
Anyhow, Thank You folks of the CDT-L. Your'e willingness to help is awesome!
Onward CDT! :-)
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