[Cdt-l] zirkle wilderness trail closure update

Louis Maurer ironmaurer at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 9 10:35:48 CDT 2010

The two closed trails are 3 island lake trail and the next one south.  This trail closure is in effect from july 27th until sept 20th.  I think it is closed for log clearing.  We hiked the 3 island lake trail and saw no signs of work yet and only had to hop over about 20 logs for the duration of the 7 mls, not a big deal.  Those are the details that I have to provide.  Like the notes on the ley maps state, this was a nice and scenic route and we saw some large mule deer bucks.   One other thing, if you observe the no camping within .25 mls of the lake as we did there are limited spots to camp so just be aware.
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