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The  Waterton campground is huge.  There is a tent only area that should have room.  The "last"  site going north is in Waterton Park and is only about 2 miles from the town.  I stealth camped there only because could not figure out how to make a reservation.  Waterton Park is Canadian and Goat Haunt is American and the two do not communicate (at least in 2008)   A rather authoritarian ranger at Goat Haunt made it clear that stealth camping on the US side would result in a large fine.  The Canadian camping area had about 8 camping spots and in August had only 1 other person there.  As I recall there was also another Canadian spot about 5 miles out..

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Hey CDT'ers!
 have been busy on this zero day in Darby, MT.
he Waterton Lakes Alpine Hostel is booked solid due to a construction crew.. 
LL summer.
he next best thing.. I.e. only other inexpensive lodging is the Waterton 
ownsite RV Park and Campground.
ou MUST make a reservation ahead of time for this place as they too might be 
ooked on the day you arrive. To do this you need to call Parks Canada at 
alk in sites without parking or fire rings are $33.10
ccording to the Hostel owner the cheapest hotel in Waterton(Bear Mtn Motel) is 
135.00 U.S. Right now! So 33 bucks is a deal if you, like me, are just "passing 
f course as with all places you could just stealth camp I am sure. 
heck in time is 2PM and out at 11AM.
he price of the campground does not include your "Park entrance fee" which I 
ssume they will get us for at Goat Haunt.
he campground charges a $10.88 penalty if you cancel your reservation.
ow.. And I thought Canadians only got reamed on the price of magazines!
nyhow, I went for the security of having a "no-hassle" place to pitch a tent on 
y last night of the trail at Waterton.
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