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To get from Waterton to Calgary:

Hitch from Waterton north about 30 miles to Pincher Creek.
There's one Greyhound bus per day to Calgary and it leaves Pincher Creek at 
the very convenient time of 3:05 AM!! It gets into Calgary at 6:35 am. The 
bus station is west of downtown. You can get the 31 bus from the greyhound 
terminal to downtown then take the north east LRT (light rail transit) 
(Destination McKnight/Westwinds) to Whitehorn and get the number 57 bus from 
there to the airport. You can do that all on ticket if you ask for a 
transfer. Cost $2.75.
Depending on when you arrive we may be able to assist further. We may be 
away backpacking in BC or Northern Nevada!

Alistair (in Calgary)

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> Once again MANY Thanks to everyone for your help regarding getting from 
> Waterton to Kalispell.
> I did learn one thing from my SoBo counterparts. They said the Glacier 
> Shuttle folks told them to keep their reciept if they wanted to return 
> from Waterton to Glacier. They aparently won't take folks "one-way" from 
> Waterton to Glacier unless they came to Waterton from Glacier on the 
> shuttle.
> A couple of SoBo's told me about getting a ride from a ranger to the 
> border, getting out to walk across, and then getting back in to ride the 
> rest of the way.
> All this fuss over a porous political boundary.
> It is funny. The guidebooks are written for southbounders, Jonathan Ley's 
> map comments are often on the previous page I.e. For southbounders, Even 
> the shuttle bus is set up for southbounders! Ha!
> Actually I have decided to just go from Waterton to Calgary and fly out of 
> there since the flight is cheaper, it's closer, and it avoids the border 
> hassle.
> Of course when the US customs guy asks me what my buisiness was in Canada, 
> do I dare say the same thing I did last year?
> I had my "Entry into Canada via the PCT" papers clutched in hand and at 
> the ready.. I said, "My buisiness? Well I just hiked from Mexico to Canada 
> and I have these papers right here..."
> But he only shrugged and said "Next"
> I guess I better just keep my mouth shut this time since I don't have 
> "official" documents! Just a bunch of callouses, stinky socks, and 
> memories!
> HeHe!
> Anyhow, Thank You folks of the CDT-L. Your'e willingness to help is 
> awesome!
> Onward CDT! :-)
> Cheers-Iceaxe
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