[Cdt-l] Water Report J. Ley MT21

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Fri Aug 20 20:16:11 CDT 2010

Water Report J. Ley MT21
On the south east slope of Green Mountain there is a nice spring along the route just above the first burn area.
The red track on the map does not depict this trail but it is quite easy to follow and it goes to the top of Green Mtn anyways.
For Northbounders as you begin the climb up Green Mtn you will see a couple of small cairns to the left at the edge of a burn area. The trail descends slightly through the burned trees and then switchbacks up westward. That westward switchback ends at a deadfall on an old roadbed. Look uphill and another cairn marks the next switchback heading east. It is at the end of this eastward switchback that this nice spring is flowing about 2 liters per minute. You can't miss it as it is the only green mossy patch amid the red rocks.
By the way, the huckleberries are ripe on both sides of Rogers pass. :-P
I know there are only a few NoBo's left behind me but I also hope this info helps future hikers carry less water weight than I just did out of the pass.
P.S. I met Brit today while shopping down in Lincoln. It was so nice to talk to another NoBo thru-hiker, even if only for a short time. The CDT has been rough on those of my tribe going North this year.

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