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. Over 150 trees dn on or across tr.
. Over 150 places where tr badly o'grown, @ least 25 pl tot o'grown - willows, 
pruces, firs, branches over 1 in dia at times; this doesn't include o'growth of 
lants other than trees or shrubs.
. Over 25 tr washouts fm an extremely heavy rain; some pl h2o created 1-3 
idges of rocks & gravel on each side of normal drainage channel; ridges are 6 
n - 3 ft tall; some are hard, stable, & can be stepped on; some are soft & 
ollapse when stepped on. 1 channel is now a 3-8 ft deep, 4-6 ft wide 
traight-sided mini-canyon across tr, where one has to go dnhill abt 250 ft to 
ear a cliff edge to cross safely, or even cross; other places just lots of 
ocks & gravel layered up across tr, up to 10 times width of orig channel; some 
l streams spilled the debris into new pl a ways off of orig channel.  This is 
ll S of Elwood Pass & N of Blue Lk as best I recall. The power it took took to 
ile large rocks into those debris ridges is amazing. 
. Lotta negative above I realize, but apparently no maintenance done for years 
n what I just hiked. I don't know what CDT Standarda are, & realize resources 
ay not be available.
. Never went even 10 mi w/out finding h2o, but 2-3 "sources" were dry or 
nusable; lots of sm streams w/origin steeply up, close by, & no where near 
attle, which I drank w/out treating; only used Steripen on 2 qts whole dist (DO 
. Expect to find lots of those green to black pies on tr; prob passed 200 cows.
. Unfortunately saw no elk or bears, & less than 10 deer.
. The high grasslands are beautiful, & green right now.
.Got lucky, only real rain was @ night in Elwood Pass Trhd campsite.
0. All, please fwd to correct Federal people; SF, I failed to get email addy of 
DTA CO lady onto my Peek (It's on my laptop in car in Creede.); KS, please post 
n cdt-l.

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