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Thanks everyone- CDTA and the USFS are aware of the situation.  We are
awaiting the USFS to get a saw crew in there to do some of the  tree
removal ( last year CDTA volunteers cleared the stretch between Elwood
Pass and Wolf Creek Pass over a 3 day period, and  I am sure more trees
have come down though since then and from the winter we have had.)  We
offered to do the work in this stretch but the USFS  has assured us they
have the work scheduled. We are hopeful the USFS will have this done
before the summer is over but if not- we will work hard to get their
approval for our volunteers with sawyer certification to do the work
next summer. We ask for your continued patience and  want to assure you
we are very aware of the situation.  Thanks for the information and best
wishes on great hikes.


Teresa Martinez


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1. Over 150 trees dn on or across tr.
2. Over 150 places where tr badly o'grown, @ least 25 pl tot o'grown -
spruces, firs, branches over 1 in dia at times; this doesn't include
o'growth of 
plants other than trees or shrubs.
3. Over 25 tr washouts fm an extremely heavy rain; some pl h2o created
ridges of rocks & gravel on each side of normal drainage channel; ridges
are 6 
in - 3 ft tall; some are hard, stable, & can be stepped on; some are
soft & 
collapse when stepped on. 1 channel is now a 3-8 ft deep, 4-6 ft wide 
straight-sided mini-canyon across tr, where one has to go dnhill abt 250
ft to 
near a cliff edge to cross safely, or even cross; other places just lots
rocks & gravel layered up across tr, up to 10 times width of orig
channel; some 
pl streams spilled the debris into new pl a ways off of orig channel.
This is 
all S of Elwood Pass & N of Blue Lk as best I recall. The power it took
took to 
pile large rocks into those debris ridges is amazing. 
4. Lotta negative above I realize, but apparently no maintenance done
for years 
in what I just hiked. I don't know what CDT Standarda are, & realize
may not be available.
5. Never went even 10 mi w/out finding h2o, but 2-3 "sources" were dry
unusable; lots of sm streams w/origin steeply up, close by, & no where
cattle, which I drank w/out treating; only used Steripen on 2 qts whole
dist (DO 
6. Expect to find lots of those green to black pies on tr; prob passed
200 cows.
7. Unfortunately saw no elk or bears, & less than 10 deer.
8. The high grasslands are beautiful, & green right now.
9.Got lucky, only real rain was @ night in Elwood Pass Trhd campsite.
10. All, please fwd to correct Federal people; SF, I failed to get email
addy of 
CDTA CO lady onto my Peek (It's on my laptop in car in Creede.); KS,
please post 
on cdt-l.
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