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WOLF CK PASS to SAN LUIS PASS (via a Creede Cutoff rte)
To Spotted Lk...
. Sorry, don't remember blowdns, a few @  most.
. Very little o'growth
To Sawtooth Tr 828 jct...
. 1 tree dn.
. Very little o'growth.
CREEDE C/O Sawtooth Tr 828...
. I don't know what rte most C C/o hikers use, but it ain't this tr; it hasn't 
een maintained in yrs; took me 3 hr to go 2.6 tr mi & prob 3 actual mi.
. At least 60 trees dn in 3 mi; that says it all.
Goose Ck Tr 827 fm Sawtooth Tr 828 to Roaring Fork Tr 807...
. At least 30 trees dn.
. Some o'growth.
Roaring Fk-Tr 807 fm Goode Ck Tr 827 to N Lime Trhd...
. 2-3 Trees dn.
. No o'growth.
4 mi rd walk on Rd 528 to dead end; S end of 
eep Ck Tr 506 NOT where shown on TI map, at least not in 1st .2 mi of Tr/Rd 
Deep Ck Tr 806 fm rd 528 dead end to Deep Ck Trhd...
.  No trees dn.
. Some o'growth along lower Deep Ck Tr. 
KS, please post; I talked to Ranger District in Creede abt this info, since it's 
ostly not CDT, & my whole Cut-off rte is in the Rio Grande NF.
TW, my count of the huge # of trees down N of Cumbres Pass does NOT include the 
 mi or so of beetle kill trees that has the CDT theoretically closed. The 
losed sign was somewhere bet .5 & .75 mi N of the pass; no one was working, on 
 project that was supposed to be finished this summer. It's no where near done, 
 the CDT is no where near restored. Summer 2012 maybe?
im Wolf, sorry, I don't remember where the mini-canyon was; the FS probably 
nows where the few mi of washouts are.

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