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5 MI S MONARCH PASS (@ CO Tr jct) to E end TWIN LKS
     TO Monarch Pass...
. No probs.
    TO d/o Divide dn towards several lks...
.  1 tree dn on or across tr.
. No o'growth.
. Didn't find spring @ unnammed-lk. 
    TO Boss Lk Reservoir...
. 13 trees dn.
. Very little o'growth.
    TO Chalk Ck Pass...
. 19 trees dn.
. O,growth on climb to Pass.
    TO Hancock...
. No trees. 
. Tot o'growth along Hancock Lks in a few pl.
o S end vehicle rd to Tin Cup Pass...
    TO Chalk Ck Trhd...
. Major tr work going on.
. A few trees dn.
. Some will o'growth where there are willow patchs. 
    OVER Tin Cup Pass to Garden Basin Trhd...
. All road.
    TO Sanford Ck Tr jct...
. All rd, but 6 trees completely or partly across rd.
    TO Cottonwood Pass Rd...
. 1 tree dn bef Cow Ck; 3 trees in .5 along Cottonwood Pass Rd.
    TO Timberline Tr jct...
. Nbound - JLey shortcut rte across TX Ck is blocked & not seen too easily on S 
ide; follow path out into ck bottom; you'll run into down trees; cross ck 
nywhere, as your gonna get ft wet; you'll come out @ flat camp area on shelf 
bove ck; .1 further N is rd along ck & Timberline Tr 414/CDT; you'll save 
lmost 3 mi & add .3 for xing; believe this is rte in Wolf book.
. Forest Svc, please clear the trees @ S side of shortcut, & in ck bottom, as 
ots of CDT hikers will use this rte, which is even on the topo.
. 4 trees dn, 3 in 1 pl, all minor. 
    To CR-390 jct
. Abt 10 trees dn, bef rd.
    To Twin Lks E end, over Hope Pass...
. 2 trees dn.
. Some o'growth.
END 2010 CDT CO SECTION HIKE; beautiful country of course; plenty h2o except 
ight on Divide, lots short run streams & a few trailside springs; only 
teripenned 2 qts fm Cumbres Passvto Twin Lks; in nxt few dys plan to make 3 
own reports & rejoin cdt-l; hope this helps.

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