[Cdt-l] hiking alone

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 1 21:25:37 CST 2010

For heaven's sake, if we can't hike alone on the CDT, of all trails, 
without having to defend our decision to do it, then where can we go? 
Historically, this has been never an issue this trail community worried 
itself over, the solo hikers' manifesto having been understood 
implicitly out on this "path less traveled." Perhaps the CDT has already 
become a victim of its own partial success, and is headed down the same 
path as the other gems in the triple crown. Speaking for myself, and 
with all due respect, I greatly appreciate support and encouragement 
when and where I happen to find it, but I also appreciate being allowed 
a little breathing room, and being encouraged to hike my own hike, free 
from judgment, and not discouraged or put on the defensive.

YMMV, HYOH, and to thine own self be true,

- blisterfree

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