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Iceaxe - 
I knew that was coming.  Been here before.  
The answer to your question is - I calls'em as I sees'em. And we (Ginny and I) have been 
watching, listening, reading (and hiking) for the last 20 years.  The statement wasn't  a 
"judgment", but rather an observation.  Not PC, of course, but then anyone who knows me 
and expects PC has a couple screws loose.  
Notice that in keeping with HYOH (and Bunbun's philosophy), I do not ask you or anyone else 
to either believe or act on my statement.  But if you're around long enough, if you talk and 
think long enough, you might understand where that came from.  I have watched some people's 
attitude change about some things after they've at first attacked me for saying them.   That's not 
coming out clearly either, but I'm gonna let it stand.  
As I said, your hike is yours - whatever it is.  I  hope you're happy with it, but if you're not, 
then a do-over is a good way to fix it.  I highly recommend that, even if (or maybe especially if) 
you are happy with your hike.    Two good ones are even better than one.  
Walk softly,
PS - the website hasn't really been "updated" in two years.  I'll get that done this winter.  Actually 
thought about taking it down, but then I renewed it until 2020, so now I "have to" work on it.  



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"The other side of the coin is that those who "carry" never know what it is that 
they've missed. Most of 
them think that their hike is just as good as everyone else's.  Maybe for them, 
it is.  But I seriously doubt 
it.  And I know that their hike would be unsatisfactory for me."
With all due respect.. Who are we to judge the quality of another persons hike? 
I agree that no one should be mandated to carry something they don't want to carry.
As far as I know the only thing we are mandated to carry on the CDT is a permit in Glacier and Yellowstone N.P's.
But to say someones experience is less than someone elses seems a bit elitist.
No offence. I love your site. Particularly the part about: "Hike your own hike".
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