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Earl and all,

We have completed mapping of CDT Colorado and the waypoints are available
free at cdtrail.org. The data is very detailed and was collected with
multiple pro-grade submeter rated receivers so it is very accurate. The data
matches and compliments our Colorado Mapbook available from Lulu.com. To
find it at Lulu search Continental Divide Trail Mapbook.  

We at CDTA are currently working feverishly on a similar Mapbook and
waypoints for New Mexico. The New Mexico stuff will be available by March
and in time for the upcoming season's NOBO bunch. Once again, the waypoints
will be available to download at no cost.  We still have almost all of
Wyoming and a third of Montana to walk next year so data north of Colorado
won't be available until spring of 2012.  I know you are talking POI's and I
am talking waypoints but there is a free utility from Garmin that will
convert them. It is called "POILoaderforWindows" and you can find it at
Garmin.com.  It will convert waypoint files to the appropriate format.   

The POI method is a good way to go I think - It is conceivable that the
entire CDT could be loaded all at once instead of fooling with reloading
1000 waypoints every 500 miles or so. 

CDTA is a nonprofit organization that relies on donations to survive.
Please consider donating - it will keep us going so we can provide these

best wishes,

Jerry Brown
GPS Mapping Specialist
The Continental Divide Trail Alliance
bearcreek at wic.net

Follow the mapping crew via our Spot locator at:

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     I'd like to find a POI file for the CDT, to load onto my Garmin 
GPSr's, but all I can find are track files.  Anybody know of a source 
for the POI's files instead?


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