[Cdt-l] iPods

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 5 13:15:40 CST 2010

iPods are like running shoes. You first have to know the rules of the 
trail before you can break 'em. Put a greenhorn on the trail as such, 
and he hears nothing of nature, maybe sprains an ankle to boot. But what 
of a hiker with 17,000 miles under his belt, a student of nature, a 
lover of wild places? Would we dare to call anything of his a crutch, 
any action or attitude a hindrance? Base level stylistic criticisms are 
all well and good for the masses of hikers, but far be it from me to 
improve the hiking of my peers by projection. We're all on the A List 
around here, are we not? Walkin' Jim sometimes carried a guitar.

- blisterfree

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